Zing is the first 100% software-driven smart night light. All functionalities are controlled by a set of embedded software (called firmware) that runs on the Zing device itself. We periodically release new firmware updates with bug fixes, enhancements to existing functionalities, or brand-new features. These updates can be performed over-the-air via the iOS app. Here's how:

Note: (Jan 2019) There seem to be some issues with updating the firmware on multiple Zings in one settings. For now, please restart the Zing iOS app after each successful update. We are working on a long term fix.

Step 1

Make sure Zing is plugged into a powered outlet; your phone is within reasonably close proximity to the Zing (ideally less than 30 ft with minimal obstruction between the Zing and your phone)

Step 2

If Visual Indicator feature is enabled, disable it by going to your iOS Bluetooth settings and "forget" the paired connection to the Zing

Step 3

Launch the Zing app, select the the Zing to upgrade from the list of nearby devices. If a newer firmware is available, an upgrade prompt will be shown at the bottom of the "dock"

e.g. v1.7.01 → v1.7.15

Step 4

Tap on the prompt to launch the firmware update screen. Tap START to begin the update process.

Step 5

The update process will complete in about 3 minutes. At around the 20% mark, a Bluetooth dialog will pop up requesting permission to "pair" with the Zing, select "Pair" to continue.

Due to a compatibility issue with the Qualcomm chipset used in Zing and Android, over-the-air firmware update is currently not possible from Android devices.